The idea behind this web resource came from my own life experience. Being a Russian expatriate in Denmark, I often have had problems with arranging different payments on my behalf in Russia. It is still not easy to make a transfer to your friend’s account in a Russian bank. And that is, if she does have an account. My mother does not, so I can’t wire her money. My mum lives in the countryside and she doesn’t have a telephone either. So I used to ask my girlfriends to go to the post office and send my mum a telegram to her birthday. I also asked my Russian friends for a favor, when I needed a payment in cash be done in Russia. I spent hours on the phone to send my daughter to a summer camp for children in Russia (which was a wonderful and constructive experience for her). Well, I am lucky to have such a friend in Russia, who was ready to spend her time on my errands. And then I started to think: what about those Russians abroad, who don’t have anyone left in Russia, except from their old mothers and fathers? That is how I came up with the idea about Mama in Russia. I still have good friends in Russia and they will help you, too. Mama in Russia is designed to be a friends-to-family service with the focus on customers. So, let us make life for your mums in Russia a little easier. Let us help our children to feel a little more Russian. I am sure they can benefit from it in the future.
Maria Ilyina